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The owner of this website, available at the Internet address reefashion.app (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), is FASHIONTRADES APS entered in the Danish National Register, ERHVERVSSTYRELSEN, Dahlerups Pakhus, Langelinie Alle 17, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, location Bredgade 23A, 2 th. 1260 Copenhagen K, File number X19-DD-40-US, email address [email protected], telephone number +45 24650849 (hereinafter: “Ree.app”, “Owner” or “Controller”)


This Website is not an online store and it is not possible to conclude a sales agreement through it (this means, among others, that advertisements, price lists and other product information posted on the Website should not be treated as an offer, but only as an invitation to enter into an agreement). The conclusion of a sales agreement may take place as a result of a query addressed to reefashion.app after the parties agree upon the detailed terms of such agreement – the conclusion and terms of such agreement are governed by separate general terms of sale of products by reefashion.app

The Controller of the personal data processed on the Website is the Owner. Personal data are processed for purposes, within the scope and under the principles indicated in the privacy policy published on the Website. The privacy policy contains primarily the principles for the processing of personal data by the Controller on the Website, including the bases, purposes and scope of personal data processing and the rights of data subjects, as well as information on the use of cookies and analytical tools on the Website. Using the Website is voluntary. Similarly, providing personal data by the user of the Website is voluntary, subject to the exceptions indicated in the privacy policy (Owner’s statutory obligations).


The Website is available to all Internet users. Within the Website, refashion.app provides information about its business activity and about the products it presents.

Proper use of the Website requires the fulfillment of the following requirements:

  • A computer, laptop or other multimedia device with Internet access.
  • Internet browser: Mozilla Firefox version 11.0 and higher or Internet Explorer version 7.0 and higher, Opera version 7.0 and higher, Google Chrome version 12.0.0 and higher.
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1024×768.
  • Enabling cookies and Javascript in the web browser.

The use of the Website is free of charge. The Website should be used in a manner consistent with the law and morality, with respect for personal rights, protection of personal data and the rights of the Controller, other people using the Website and third parties, including copyright and intellectual property rights. Unlawful activities that may impede the functioning of the Website are prohibited. It is also forbidden to provide unlawful content.

You can resign from using the Website at any time by closing the website or web browser.

In case of any problems or questions associated with using the Website or other questions, please contact the Website Owner:

  • via email at the address: [email protected], or
  • in writing at the following address: Bredgade 23A, 2 th. 1260 Copenhagen K

In the description of the notification, please provide (1) information and circumstances regarding the subject of the notification; and (2) contact details of the notifier. We will respond to your notification within 14 calendar days.


The following electronic services are available on the Website: contact form.

You can use the contact form after providing in the “Contact” or “Career” tab on the Website the name and the e-mail address to which the Owner’s response and message content should be sent, and clicking the action field. In the case of the form which is available in the “Career” tab, it is also necessary to provide the surname and send a CV.

The contact form electronic service is provided free of charge and is one-off. It terminates when the message is sent through it or when you cease to formulate the message.


Copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Website as a whole, as well as contents, graphics, works, designs and signs available on it are owned by the Owner or other authorized third parties, and are protected by copyright law and other applicable law. The use of the content published on the Website is permitted without restrictions for personal use. The use of the content published on the Website in a different scope requires prior express consent of the Controller or other authorized third parties.


In case of any problems or questions related to the use of the Website or other questions, please contact the Website Owner:

  • via email at the address: [email protected], or
  • in writing at the following address: Bredgade 23A, 2 th. 1260 Copenhagen K

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